Why is it socially acceptable to be afraid of dogs, but not of crane flies? I know what you’re thinking: “Well, someone could have had a bad experience with dogs. Crane flies are harmless, so it’s irrational” Guess what? It doesn’t matter that it’s irrational. I still get just as scared as anyone with a “normal” fear. I laid awake crying when there was a moth inside at camp, underneath my sleeping bag even though it was way to hot. I was drenched in sweat in the morning, not to mention short of breath. There’s only so much oxygen inside a sleeping bag. If anything similar happened with a dog, to someone with a fear of dogs, it would be traumatizing. Not for me. For me, it’s stupid and unnecessary. People LAUGHED when I tried to get someone to put it outside. THEY ACTUALLY LAUGHED AT ME. My point: Next time someone asks you to deal with a spider, or a fly, JUST DO IT. This person could just think bugs are gross, or they could ACTUALLY BE AFRAID OF THEM. THANK YOU EVERYONE.



Okay so I’m sitting with my friend during thanksgiving dinner and I was bored and thinking about dr who so without really meaning to I accidentally made up a really catchy song but the only lyrics are “Dalek Dalek Dalek Dalek” so my friend heard and before I knew what was going on we started harmonizing to “Dalek Dalek Dalek Dalek” and I just find it funny that the rest of the family was being all typical togetherish family and we were sitting in the corner singing about daleks